Alamo Township




Ordinance Enforcer

Chris Mihelich


As the ordinance enforcement officer for Alamo Township, my role is to uphold the integrity and safety of our community by ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Conducting property inspections is a cornerstone of my duties, where I diligently identify any violations that may compromise the well-being of our residents or the aesthetic quality of our community. Responding promptly to resident complaints is another vital aspect of my job, as it allows me to address concerns and take necessary enforcement actions. Whether issuing citations, warnings, or providing education about compliance requirements, I strive to foster understanding and cooperation among property owners and residents. Collaboration with other governmental agencies enhances our ability to tackle complex issues effectively, while meticulous documentation of inspections and enforcement actions ensures accountability and supports legal proceedings when required. Overall, I take pride in my role as the Ordinance Enforcement Officer for Alamo Township, dedicated to upholding the standards that contribute to the safety, harmony, and quality of life in our community.